About Bob

I am a hobbyist photographer who enjoys working in different styles as I learn my craft.  I started out about 15 years ago on a trip to Hawaii where like many before me, I wanted to “capture” something to take home and memorialize a special holiday. Now I shoot primarily with a Nikon D850 (and on occasion with a Leica M240).  Prior to this exhibit, I really did not think about sharing my work with an audience.  At this point, given how much I still have to learn and develop as a photographer, I just would not have imagined a show containing my work.


The idea for Nippon eExhibit was suggested by my wife with the goal of sharing ideas, time and a bit of creativity with our friends and family.  She gently chided me on my usual rational approach to things – being overly concerned with composition, sharpness of images, quality of technique, etc., She said to me that I should rather step back and simply select some of the more “engaging” photographs that I had already taken.  She suggested that by intertwining our chosen art forms, we could rather share a bit of our mutual feelings with others in a more powerful way than simply hoping to impress others with the technical virtuosity that is hopefully somewhere off in the future.


So the exhibit was called Living Intuition – a theme which to me speaks volumes in today’s over caffeinated, overly digitized and overly information intensive world.  So, I hope that you will feel some of the thrill and enjoyment that I received when I took this alternative view to my work and paired it with my wife’s in the most organic fashion I knew.


私は写真を趣味として楽しみ、カメラの技術を磨くために様々なスタイルの写真を撮っています。写真に興味を持ち始めたきっかけは13年前のハワイ旅行でした。当時はカメラで、この特別な旅の思い出を残したいという思いのみで写真を撮っていました。その為私は作品を展示しようとは考えてもいませんでした。現在私は主にNikon D810を使用し時々Leica M240で撮影する場合もあります。また、写真家としての技術をまだまだ磨く必要があるため、私の写真をこのように、展示会で人々と共用できるとは夢にも思っていませんでした。


最後に、この展示会はLiving Intuition/生る直観と名付けました。情報で溢れかえり、デジタル化された現在の世界の事を考えると、もしかしたら、このタイトルだけで何かあなた自身が観じる事があるかもしれません。そして、来て頂いた方に、直感を使って写真を撮る喜びとスリルを、妻のアートと共に、あるがままの姿で皆様と少しでも共用できたらと思います。




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